Big shout out to our Employee of the month for September! This month's employee is always happy and smiling! His positive attitude is contagious and his co-workers can't help but smile. We are happy that he is part of our team!  


09/11/2016 11:45am

I guess that being the employee of the month is a huge recognition. Other employees should use this as motivation to improve and do better. I reckon that whoever gets the title would have some sort of prizes. It also seems that the most recent employee of the month has been a very kind and giving person. I wish you could've posted his name and picture, so that I can see who I am giving my congratulations to.

05/24/2017 5:59am

I am happy to read stories about employee of the month. I think that writing about it encourages the employees to do their best everyday. Furthermore, this blog is a good way for them to be recognized. This is a really good read. I enjoyed it and I am happy to learn about your blog. I wish next time you will write more and share more thoughts.

02/20/2017 7:09am

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Hard work always pays well. Not just in terms of money, but also in terms of respect and the gratitude offered by others. Really loved the blog. Its amazing to read.


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