There is no doubt we have the best team ever! Our foreman of the week award was won for giving that extra mile to get all his jobs completed and making our customers very happy.


Congrats to the Foreman of the week. He worked real hard and he deserved that as he had also get it as well. We hope you work well on your responsibilities and improve our company's rank.

02/16/2017 9:07pm

Congratulations indeed to the employee who was awarded as the foreman of the week. I know that you have done very well. But I want you to know that you deserved it. You deserve all the appreciations and recognition you have gained. Thank you so much for your hardships and effort you have exerted. Thank you most especially for making the customers happy and satisfied.

12/09/2016 3:56am

Congrats to the Foreman whom won the title for being the Foreman of the week. However, it is just a matter of hard working and how hard you work to satisfy your customers.

03/19/2017 4:35pm

Sometimes we need to dig deeper on this issue. Great opinion indeed. I may follow this case on the other time. Thank you.


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